Monday, July 27, 2009

Drawin N Cryin

Actually, we listened to some Drivin N Cryin while Erin posed for Monday night life drawing class. I liked my angle on the seated pose where she's sort of balled up in the chair. This particular drawing started with the head and hair.15 minutes...conte and pastel. I guess it does look a little like she's "cryin"?? The gesture drawing started with Erin turning and asking, "What pose should I do next" ...or something like that...she was stretching her arms... I told her to hold it just like that! It has nice lines with her weight on one leg and I liked the challenge of roughing in the unusual position of the arms and hands in the 2 minutes allotted. I photographed this pose with the thought that I may do a painting of it later on. Conte on newsprint.
Drawing- $225


Tina said...

Martin, how many times did I see my daughters sitting in the same manner as Erin's first pose! Usually they were pouting! I do hope you do a painting later, please let me know if you do.

Martin Pate said...

Tina, I'll take that under advisement and will post it here if I do. Thanks for the note.