Monday, August 30, 2010

What a Crowd!

14 at the drawing class tonight...close to a record! Outstanding...thanks to all that came. Ashleigh F was super...great poses...great outfit. Army style boots, a black tutu inspired skirt, black vest and black, sheer, disconnected sleeves that probably have a name but I don't get out much. Drawing shown here was a 15 minute, reclining pose.

Friday, August 27, 2010

NC Bound

I posted this painting of dancer Robin V before but I found out this week that it was juried into the Oil Painters of America 2010 Regional Exhibition in Wilmington, NC. The show opens October 15 and runs through November 13. Based on names I saw on the acceptance list, this should be a very good show. The show will be at Walls Fine Art Gallery in Wilmington.
"Quiet Power" 24x30

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ride On William

I first knew William as "The Bicycle Man". I noticed him shortly after moving to Newnan. It was then that I first realized that every where I had ever lived, especially small towns, had a William...local individuals that lived by their own rules...danced to the beat of a very different drum. William could be seen everywhere on his bicycle...and what a bike. I couldn't begin to tell you everything he had on that bike but the painting accurately depicts the display. I decided to approach William and ask him if he minded if I took some photos so that I could do a painting. I've often seen folks I'd like to paint for one reason or another but usually can't get up the nerve to ask them. I approached William in the parking lot of the First Methodist Church where he frequented a senior citizens group. It did'nt take but a moment to realize that William was special. William was both deaf and mute. He could neither hear my words nor speak but somehow we understood each other. I did my best to act out my wish to take his picture and William came to life. He was a very animated gentleman...very good at expressing himself. Over time, I painted the picture and found William so I could show it to him. I did not expect his reaction...he cried...crossed his arms over his heart...signed the "love" sign and more than any speaking person, showed his emotions and joy at the image. The painting has hung for years in a local downtown restaurant called "The Redneck Gourmet"...a place of honor among other local personalities and memorabilia. In July, while I was on vacation, I got an email that William had died. I really barely knew William but felt like we had a connection through the painting. The past few years I had seen less and less of William as he grew older and unable to ride. William was a piece of the unique fabric of Newnan...he'll be missed.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Red Heels

Drawing of Erin H from the drawing class. 15 minute pose..conte and pastel. This drawing recently sold at Flint Gallery(Panoply) in Newnan...always blog worthy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Do You Draw Like We Do?

Peter Frampton fans will get the title. That one song lasted this entire drawing. Pretty cool. I like to tell life drawing students that instead of avoiding areas they have trouble with, instead, they should seek them out. Foreshortening is one of those areas a lot of people avoid..why? Because it's difficult! Still is...even after many years of life drawing. This pose had some challenges in the legs arms and even a little in the torso. Super pose...Emily M model. 15 minutes. conte and pastel.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pre Egg McMuffin Breakfast

Here's a final look at the painting for Charles Pinckney National Site in Mt. Pleasant, SC. 1791...George Washington and his entourage visited the farm of Charles Pinckney near Charleston. The painting will hang in the home/visitors center and is to be unveiled September 17...for anyone in the area that's interested. The painting is a large one, 4'x6'

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mucho Mucha

Alex G posed for the drawing class and recreated 4 poses from works of one of my favorite artists...Alphonse Mucha. The interpretations were loose but a lot of fun. Alex did a great job of adding something extra to the norm. I believe this pose was from a work titled "Spring"...we also did Summer, Fall and Winter. We tried to represent a blowing wind by positioning the lower part of the dress on a box. 15 minutes, conte and pastel.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Come Together

Well, not too many of us "came together" to draw James last night...too bad...some cool poses. Late summer is always a little tough on numbers. Our small group had a good time drawing and listening to Abbey Road. Two drawings, one a detail...both 15 minutes or so. Conte
$185 each.