Friday, July 12, 2013

Just a Memory

...................If you know where this is, you can probably hear the wooden Skee balls rolling and smell the corndogs. The Myrtle Beach Pavilion is a special place to many, many people. Unfortunately, it was torn down a few years ago by someone that didn't feel that way. I can hardly bring myself to go to this area of MB anymore...too sad. This painting is a 16x20 oil on panel. It is for me if interested.

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Walk Home

.................................Story of a sale: A couple that I've known for years recently saw this painting in an exhibit in Newnan. She looked at her husband and said, "I love this"...he said, "Well, I like it too!"..or something along those lines. They called me as soon as they got home and asked if it was for sale. What was really interesting to me is that they had never bought an original piece of art before. They stepped out of their comfort zone, I'm sure, and bought out of emotion. A sale is always great, one has to make a living, but just the fact that they connected so personally to the painting is what I'll really remember in years to come.