Monday, May 26, 2014

Foreshortening challenges

............Two recent drawing showing the always dreaded foreshortening. The girl in teal shows foreshortening of most of the figure....not severely so, but enough to be challenging. The girl in red just has her left arm foreshortened but it was fairly severe. On both of these, I basically drew it as I saw it. On the girl in red, I exaggerated the hand a bit to make it appear that it was closer to the viewer...which it is by the way but I like the idea of just slightly exaggerating it. Both drawings approx 15 minutes, conte and pastel. Both available.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Good Night and Happy Trails, Dr. Laura

..............It's not a good night when you find out one of your best models is moving away. Laura was Batgirl, Thouroughly Modern Milley, a cat, Tinkerbell and a host of other characters to us. She has an awesome costume collection and always posed in character. She, and her costumes, will be missed and thought of often. We wish her well on her new adventures. She came tonight as herself...audiologist Laura. This was my favorite drawing of the night. 15 minutes, conte and pastel.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Black and White

...........My last post was model Meaghan N in a black tutu...tonight she posed in white. Both are around 15 minutes, conte and pastel. I had the opportunity to move on the top one with the severe foreshortening but I always tell students to avoid moving away from difficult angles. I'm glad I stayed with this one...might turn it into a painting one day. The second drawing is the first of more to come where I'm getting back into drawing on toned paper. There was a type of paper I used in art school that I really liked but have not been able to find it since then. This paper is similar in color but different in texture...still, I like it and plan to do more.