Monday, September 7, 2009

Timucua Village

After a long drought, I'm actually working again! This is a commissioned work depicting a pre-historic Timucua village off Georgia's coast. I'm showing one of the reference shots and an early thumbnail. My thumbnails start off as shown here with the purpose being to show the client the possible options on how the painting will look. This rough shows the villagers reliance on water, a part of their village life and a dugout canoe. The client has part of an actual dugout from this time period and showing one in the painting will tie the artist's vision to real archeology...always a good thing. I'll show progress on this as it develops.


Steve McAfee said...

Cool! What size are you working?
Also will this be in Meryl Streep's next movie?

Martin Pate said...

Ha ha...I can only hope! The final painting on this will be 6'X4'...the thumbnails are slightly larger than your thumbnail at approx 5"X8".