Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little Bird

New painting of young dancer Madison underway....nearly finished. Titled "Little Bird"...24x30 oil. This painting is a follow up of sorts to an earlier painting. See


Dana Johnson Plein air Artist said...

great job!!! love the colors!...and the soft, magical feel

Angela Elledge said...

How beautiful! I just looked at the companion piece to this painting; I really like that the bird is missing in the 1st one, but "found" in the 2nd painting. Just love the way she is tenderly holding the little nest. In addition, really like seeing her little sagging tights around her knees. I introduced Jacque Louis David's Napoleon In His Study to my students today and we spoke in depth about David's painting and Napoleon's sagging tights!

Martin Pate said...

That's a tremendous painting...always loved that one and "The Death of Marat"...never noticed the sagging tights!! I thought of the Marat painting when I was painting "The Open Book". See at
Maybe I'm channeling David??