Sunday, August 9, 2009


This painting came about as an attempt to paint my daughter's beautiful red hair. It's always been a difficult color for me to capture. My mind always says "Orange!" but its much more complex than that. I doubt the photo here will do it justice but the original has some exciting things happening. I'll continue to fine tune this one. The slight sense of scariness was not in the initial plan but it adds an unsettling element that I like. 16X20 oil.


Steve McAfee said...

Cool! And slightly creepy.
Or is it "Daaaaddd...stop taking my picture...."

Martin Pate said...

I got a sarcastic "Thanks for taking my picture when my hair looked all nasty" and a "That's creepy".

Dana Johnson Plein air Artist said...

this is not touch it anymore...i like it as is