Monday, January 19, 2009

Farm in Fog

I've done a study of the "fog" effect on the Roscoe Road farm. I found it a difficult effect to achieve. I'm used to painting in a full range of values, I guess, and the main focus of this painting is probably only half that. I like the study but have not decided whether or not a larger work will follow. Maybe. 11X14 study will be in the next Espresso Lane show.


Steve McAfee said...

Very cool and brave of you to post the photo AND the study together. I got a kick out of comparing what you chose to keep in or take out for the painting.

It looks like you figured out how to handle the fog perfectly.

Leodapateo said...

Thanks for your input..I like being both cool and brave!! I think an interesting art book would be one where paintings are compared to the actual subject that has been depicted with commentary by the artist as to why he or she did what they did.

Steve McAfee said...

I agree-I'd buy that book.