Wednesday, September 18, 2013

M.Pate MPate M Pate Artist Art Illustration...this is only a not adjust your blog

I've got so much work "out there" that is signed "M. Pate", illustration, paintings etc. I wondered that if someone searched that online, would I show up. It appears not. This is a test to see if maybe that search might now bring them to my blog, if I included M. Pate enough. Time will tell...I'll report you were. MPate (M.Pate)


Steve McAfee said...

Hey Martin-I've learned recently that you should add your name and location into each of the files that you post to help Google search engines recognize your images. For example instead of "birdie1.jpg" it should be something like "birdie1_martin_pate_artist_newnan_georgia.jpg" I'm experimenting with this myself and it seems to work.

Don Heesenflow said...

Martin, we have an oil signed M. Pate that is a scene that looks like it could be Paris. We think the title may be "Flower Vendor"

Martin Pate said...

Don...any way you could send me a photo of the painting?? Does not sound familiar but I need to see it to be sure. email me at

Thank you!