Tuesday, February 21, 2012

They Blew Up Yuchitown

Years ago, I did a painting of a prehistoric Creek Indian village called Yuchitown. The site is located near Columbus, GA. Recently, I was asked if I would allow a copy of the painting to be part of a permanent display at the Atlanta Airport(Hartsfield). "A Walk Through Atlanta History" is located between concourses B and C. You'll have to skip the train and walk it but you'll get a little exercise and maybe learn something along the way. Many of my paintings for the National Park Service find other uses beyond their original purpose. Some have ended up in textbooks while others are displayed in museums to show general themes in history. In this case, they cropped it at the top and bottom and blew it up to what appears to be 10-12 feet. I have not been able to go see it yet as it is in an area that is not accessible by any one that is not flying. The close up photo was taken by my daughter recently.


Steve McAfee said...

Neat! I might be going through there in a few weeks. Maybe I'll get wrestled to the ground by security for taking pictures of it.

Martin Pate said...

If you get tackled, try to not fall into the display...and don't use my name...oh, and BTW, I'm hearing that it is between concourse B & C...I had previously heard C & D. I've not been able to see it yet.