Monday, February 14, 2011

Emily Sings...Finally!

I started this painting 8-10 years ago...if memory serves. It has gone through a series of changes over that time...white dress, black sweater, several choir robes, white background, all dark background, hands, no hands, and on and on. I always loved the face, however, and that's what kept me going back to it. The model, Emily S, sang in church one Sunday and I asked her if she'd pose for some photos..singing. She has since graduated from high school and college, gotten married and had a child. I'm just glad this wasn't a demo...I think I would have lost my audience some while ago. 24x30 oil.


Steve McAfee said...

Wow! This is really stunning-well worth the wait it looks like.

Martin Pate said...

Thank you Steve!