Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Dance model Katie C sitting on stool, leaning against the bar. Detail of a 15 minute conte and pastel. Delightful poses last night and a good group of 7 artists. Music by the 5th Dimension, hence, the "Hair!" title. Here's a little music trivia:

In 1969, the musical "Hair" was on Broadway. It was interesting how the Fifth Dimension ended up recording "Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In". Florence said, "It was a real fluke. We were performing in New York City and Billy lost his wallet in a taxi. The man who returned it invited us to see a play he produced. The play of course was Hair. Well we heard Aquarius and we all just looked at each other and said ‘We’ve got to sing this song. It’s great.'" It was producer Howe who suggested splicing Aquarius together with lyrics from another number in the musical which became "Let The Sunshine In". He got together with arranger Bob Alcivar & put the two songs together, making them work as one single. "We recorded that song in Las Vegas, in this small studio," says LaRue. "Our voices were all tired, we’d been performing there for over a month. It was the quickest thing we ever recorded and it was one of our biggest hits." They were very close to the railroad tracks, and while they were singing the final chorus, a train rumbled by. You can still hear the locomotive, though, just barely, on the final master.

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