Tuesday, October 12, 2010

God's Eyes

I don't know Josiane and her English is not perfect but her expression of praise for the OPA Regional show in Wilmington, NC (opening this Friday) is as beautiful as you'll see. She was speaking specifically about the online pictures of the show. I particularly love, "They all get God eyes inside they art". Josiane really has me eager to see this show...hope some of you can make it!
Josiane's comment:
*Those picks, do not give justice to the beauty of the paintings. I had the chance to see the exhibition yesterday. I am going back today Sunday. I hope to find open doors.
From all i have seen in Wilmington and New-York, and for many years , this is the most amazing paintings i ever seen in 10 years. Some of them reminded me of Jan Vermeer.
I thought i was a good painter compare to what I see in exhibition some times. I guess i was not looking at the right place. Mayfaire exhibition will make you wonder: ” is it a photo or a painting”. Then as you’ll get closer to the canvas…. oh my gosh…. this is oil painting !…
As a painter, I was in admiration. There are not all famous artists…. Art lover this is your chance to own the next generation of Vermeer, Degas or maybe Rembrandt….
They all get God eyes inside they art.
Merci du fond du cœur pour cette extraordinaire exposition.

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