Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pre Egg McMuffin Breakfast

Here's a final look at the painting for Charles Pinckney National Site in Mt. Pleasant, SC. 1791...George Washington and his entourage visited the farm of Charles Pinckney near Charleston. The painting will hang in the home/visitors center and is to be unveiled September 17...for anyone in the area that's interested. The painting is a large one, 4'x6'


Sandra Henderson said...

This is my favorite of your painting so far... I absolutely LOVE the shadows and life that it has. Truly like stepping back in time. I so wish I can have the opportunity to see it one day.
I was so sad to not see your painting hanging in the Cumberland Island departure center. I was told it was moved to the museum. BIG mistake on the part of the park because it's only open from 1-4 on certain days and that is not condusive with most folks visit to Cumbersome. I'm going to explain this to our new SPTD> and see if I can get it moved back where ALLLLLL can view it!

Steve McAfee said...

Congratulations and very cool.