Monday, June 7, 2010


After two weeks off, it was good to get back into some life drawing. It was a small crowd but the poses were excellent...model, Robin V. I liked the angle on this pose particularly. 15 minutes. Conte, pastel


Katherine Thomas said...

I'd love to know the 'secrets' of drawing models from life. I always take a photograph and painstakingly measure the distances between the body parts, etc., very mathematically. Will I eventually be able to just look, and KNOW where to put everything?

Martin Pate said...

Katherine- It's a cliche but practice, practice, practice is what it takes. I encourage you to find a life drawing class in your area and go as often as you can. The ones I like are inexpensive...$5 or instruction, just come and draw. Another option is to start one yourself. Hook up with a local dance school for models. All you need is 4-5 regular attendants to help pay the model fee. Another idea is to look at some life drawing books and go through them thoroughly. Put what you read into practice.