Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Girl in the Red Hat

Final on Erin H in the red hat. Study shown in an earlier blog. This painting is 24x30. The original photos had Erin in a black dress and a black hat...I planned to have her blending in with a black background... but as I got into the study, I really liked the hat better in red. Still waiting on a title to hit me. Click image to see a larger file.


lAUra said...

that looks like my "thoroughly modern millie" hat!

Steve McAfee said...

Isn't the title... "The Girl in the Red Hat"?

Martin Pate said...

Laura- I've only see your "Thoroughly Modern Millie" feather!:)
Steve- That's the default title..guess I was looking for something a little less obvious...will probably stick with that though.

lAUra said...

hahaha! true. i'll have to send you a pic of it on fb. :D the hat doesn't really go with the flapper dress, so i usually wear it with other stuff. :)

Ashley said...

Maybe "Red Hat Lady"? That usually applies to the 65+ crowd, but other than that, she'd fit right in!