Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I assume other artists feel a little bit of loss when they sell a painting. It sneaks up on you...just after you've sold it. You convince yourself, of course, that you've got to make a living! A buyer from NY contacted me after seeing "Dove" in a show in FL and wanted to buy it. Being in the business of selling art, we worked out a deal and I shipped the painting. I got the nicest email which I've added below. Paul's note made me feel good about the sale. It's great when someone sees in your work what you saw in it yourself. Thanks Paul.

Dear Martin,
The painting arrived an hour ago, and we are simply delighted with it
and the sketch. The picture is already up on the wall in our
apartment, and we shall treasure it forever. The painting
communicates such grace, such beauty and such peacefulness so that I will never tire of looking at it. It is the perfect spot to focus on
when one needs a spiritual lift. You are a great artist, and I wish
you much success with your future work. I send greetings from our
very wet Long Island. Be well.

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Sandra Henderson said...

I'm so happy for you Martin. What a sweet letter! Doesn't it make you feel good to know that others want your work in their homes? We love our painting! "HOP" on over to my blog and register to win an antique sterling silver vase,drawing Wed. Hope the weather there is as nice as it is here today! Birds are singing, garden is growing, Grover feels good, all is right with the world.