Monday, June 15, 2009

Thoroughly Modern Monday Night Life Drawing

The amazing Laura Bradley in full flapper regalia and awesome time period music set the stage for a fun night at drawing class. Laura polished off a night of great poses by doing the Charleston and singing "Gimme Gimme" a cappela! Top that! I don't think you can! Drawing shown is 15 minutes conte and pastel.


Steve McAfee said...

Flapper parties, Toga parties. I think you're just making this stuff up. ha
Looks like the most fun drawing classes ever.

Martin Pate said...

Ha does appear that way. Models dancing the Charleston and singing a Capella are quite rare and yet it does occasionally happen. Fun stuff. The flapper is coming back in a couple of weeks as Annie from "Annie get your gun". I'm going to see if she'll twirl her guns for us.