Saturday, February 21, 2009


Not exactly my "thang" but I've done a children's book illustration for a friend. The painting of "Mary" (based on my daughter) will accompany several sketches showing other illustration ideas and my friends manuscript. My son, Taylor, helped with creating the look of the character. My friend will attempt to find a publisher...that's the hurdle. My experiences in children's book illustration are limited but I know that often, if a publisher likes a manuscript, they like to get their own illustrator. Has anyone had any experience in this area...know any contacts??


Steve McAfee said...

That's funny, you are the third artist I know this week mentioning a children's book. I've also had one about half finished for the last 8 years.
I found this link with lots of information...

One of my friends is talking about going the "self publishing" route, I've never tried that.

Hamlin Design said...

Martin, speak with Sherry Neidigh a friend of mine in the Facebook area...she does children's illustrations and my have some contacts or ideas.