Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Box of Light

The roots of this painting began after a photo shoot of model Rebecca C (The Lonely Road). The photo reference was normal lighting from a window to the right of the model. The idea of the box being mysteriously lit from within came to me just a few days ago and I went to work. Changing the light source from your reference is challenging. The image shown shows the painting in it's early stages. 24X30. Detail shown.


TP said...

Ok, the big question: What's in the box!??!!

[my guess is Marcellus Wallace's soul!!!]

Leodapateo said...

Hahaha...good one TP...I hate to admit it but I had to google Marcellus's been too long since I saw that movie...after that I laughed heartily. Don't tell anyone but the box in the painting "The Box of Light" has "light" in it. Now what does the "light" stand for is the real question...Knowledge? Awakening? The subjects future? I may leave that up to the interpretation of the viewer. Thanks for the comment!