Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hippy Girl

Painting in progress of model Erin H. My original idea was that this would be a girl at Woodstock...I'm not sure if I'll try to indicate an actual location or not. I'm liking it just as an introspective or daydreaming girl sitting on a bed of discarded roses. Top part of the painting in this photo is folded over the back of my drawing board so it looks a little odd at the moment. Better photos later. 24X30


Michael said...

Martin, am I noticing the Custer art in the background? Maybe by Bob Peak???



Leodapateo said...

Good eye! Yes, one of my favorite paintings by Peak. I think he did a couple of versions. This is a promo for a book on Custer...they're using Peaks painting for the cover. To the left you may notice a "purple" blue ribbon...I won it at the Florence(SC) Fair when I was 9 or 10.

Michael said...

I thought so since I myself have that promo piece. I think it was from when I was in Ringling which started me to paint a GA Custer. Still have it in the garage unfinished. Pretty large also.

Man, I need to get back into painting and away from the computer!