Monday, March 10, 2008

The Degas Girl

Dancers are a natural subject matter for figurative artist...well, at least for me they are. The master, of course, has to be Degas. One of my favorite works of art of all time is his young dancer bronze with the real tutu attached. I had the privilege of seeing it in Atlanta a few years back. This study is from the bronze...still a little unfinished but I'm liking it. This work is all about the posture...the stance...perfectly balanced. Degas' closest rival, in my opinion is the late Robert Heindel. Google this guy and look at some of his work. Beautiful!! This study is done in conte and oil on bristol board.


Michael said...

Nice study. I did not know Robert Heindel had passed away!!! He is one of my favorites as well. I have a limited edition print (signed) 3/1000 that I found at Goodwill and bought for $11. I do a lot of my sketches in a similar fashion as he does.

Does Charlie have an email yet. I know he did at one time. Would like to touch base with him again.

-Mike Hamlin

Leodapateo said...

Mike- Go to my web site and e-mail me..I'll send you Charlie's contact info...he's starting to e-mail on occasion!!

TP said...

That is awesome!!!
Great sense of weight!!!