Friday, February 22, 2008

The Veiw from Oak Hill

I started this painting as a demo for the Newnan Coweta Art Association and thought it would be interesting to those in attendance to see it finished in stages. I'll post an update periodically until it's done. Shown here is where I left off at the demo with just a little more detail added. The scene is the Coweta County courthouse in downtown Newnan as seen from Oak Hill cemetery. I took this photo a few years ago and knew that I would eventually paint the scene....didn't realize it would take this long to get around to it.


Anita said...

Loved what you did last night. Learned a lot. Am so happy you are doing this. I too paint the way you started last night and make lots of people nerves, but is the way I was taught and am to old to change that.

As long as I like what I paint, does it really matter how I get to the detail?

Thanks again
Anita Reid

Margo M said...

Missed the demo, but will follow the blog. Any chance you could show a few detail photos of different areas as you go along? Thanks much,