Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Painting in progress of local dancer, Chelsea S. I'm not capturing the beautiful subtleties of light and shadow that are in my photos but there are some things I'm liking about this painting. I'm liking the painterly quality of the tutu that is coming across in the original and the unfinished look in the floor. I may change the color of the floor...still debating that one. This photo is not good...I'll try to get a better one when I'm finished.


Michael said...

Martin...I really like this one! Has a nice serenity that other ballet paintings miss out on. They usually show preparation, dance or a particular movement. This one makes me feel as if all that has already happened and now can rest....

I am an old classmate of your brother, Charlie from Ringling School of Art. I also have heard you have a son there to keep it all in the family!!!

Keep up the good work....looks a little like Robert Heindel's work whom I love.

- Mike Hamlin
Ringling Class of 1978 (yikes)

Leodapateo said...

Mike- Thanks for the comment! I remember your name. My son graduates this May...he'll be looking for animation work somewhere out there. My daughter is just starting college in architecture. Did you know Heindel died?...suicide. Sad. I'll tell Charlie that I heard from you. Martin