Monday, April 23, 2007

Why is that girl sitting in the middle of the road?

This painting, "The Lonely Road", is not currently "on the board" but I hear from so many people wanting to know the story behind it that I thought it would be interesting to hear what folks have to say. Why do you think this girl is in evening attire and sitting in the middle of the dirt road? Give me your story!


Skarrlette's Hammer said...

Because her lover just drove away. She chased him down the road after he told her he was leaving. Feeling the panic. She ran and ran until the pain in her heart welled up until it burst. The road where she collapsed out of sheer emotional exhaustion, Her body giving over to her grief, slowly dying inside. The tears streaming down her face burning into her skin like hot knives. This is what love does.

Jennifer DaSilva--Oct 3, 2012

Skarrlette's Hammer said...
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